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Centennial Year 1914-2014

Thanks to all who helped us to
Celebrate the Centennial

at the Larsmont Schoolhouse

Winners of the Centennial Coloring Contest

Larsmont Schoolhouse
WDIO-DTWDIO Coverage of Centennial
August 24, 2014

KBJR-TVKBJR Coverage of Centennial
August 24, 2014

Video Story

Marlys Wisch on KQDS

FOX 21 News
February 26. 2014

Calendar of Events -Larsmont Centennial

Letters New Letter about the old Larsmont Depot. Can anyone help?

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Larsmont Community Action Plan - Final Report (2/28/06)
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This is an independent and voluntary community site. Our purpose is to support all aspects of our community. This includes the Larsmont Community Club and its activities. We invite your suggestions and contributions, especially community events for the calendar.

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